Shannon Beador Addresses Co-Stars’ Claims About Her Drinking Habits

Shannon Beador of The Real Housewives of Orange County has broken her silence on the claims made by her castmates, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson, about her alleged drinking problem on the 17th season of the popular reality show. The 59-year-old reality TV star expressed her frustration during an episode of Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast, where she addressed the speculation surrounding her drinking habits.

Shannon took aim at Gina and Emily for suggesting that she had a drinking problem, stating that her co-stars “don’t know anything” about her personal life and social activities. She also expressed uncertainty about the genuineness of her castmates’ concern for her well-being, but appreciated it if it was indeed genuine.

The DUI Incident and Subsequent Jokes

The controversial discussions around Shannon’s drinking habits stem from the aftermath of her DUI and hit-and-run incident, which occurred after she reportedly crashed into a house in Newport Beach, California. Confronted with these serious legal charges, Shannon found it distressing that her co-stars made comments about her need for a breathalyzer for her phone and insinuated that she required rehab without knowing the specifics of her situation.

In responding to the jokes made by Emily and Gina, Shannon highlighted that they were unaware of the intricacies of her social life and emphasized that their remarks were ill-informed.

Contradictory Statements

While Gina and Emily insinuated that Shannon had not addressed her alcohol consumption issues, Shannon confirmed during the podcast interview that she had made the decision to refrain from drinking. She admitted to making a “horrible mistake” but asserted that she is aware of what is best for her and emphasized the importance of not using alcohol as a coping mechanism when unhappy.

With the impending production of the 18th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon’s public statements may signal her firm commitment to personal growth and well-being, and her desire to move forward from the recent tumultuous events.

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