The Bachelorette Winner Ryan Sutter Shows Remarkable Progress in Lyme Disease Battle

Trista Rehn, known for her role as the inaugural star of The Bachelorette, has recently shared encouraging news about her husband, Ryan Sutter, who has been battling Lyme disease since 2021. Their love story, which began on the small screen, continues to unfold with both challenges and triumphs, proving that true love can weather all storms.

During the KIIS-FM’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball event in December 2023, Trista disclosed that Ryan has made significant strides in his health two years after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. “He has made great progress,” she stated, emphasizing that while the disease is complex and the treatment journey has been challenging, Ryan’s health has been improving. Although he is still seeking an ultimate solution to eradicate the disease from his body, his overall well-being is notably better. Furthermore, Ryan has successfully returned to work as a firefighter and remains a devoted father to their two children, Maxwell Alston and Blakesley Grace.

Ryan’s battle with Lyme disease began with mysterious and debilitating symptoms in 2020, leading to a diagnosis revealed on the May 25, 2021, episode of his wife’s podcast, Better Etc. Further medical evaluations unveiled that his body is susceptible to mold toxins, which he encounters in his work as a firefighter. The exposure to these toxins, coupled with long, exhausting workdays, contributed to weakening his immune system, making it difficult for his body to fight off infections and suppress dormant infections.

Initially opting for dietary changes over extensive antibiotic treatment in the management of his illness, Ryan later adopted an unconventional treatment approach. By June 2022, he reported favorable outcomes resulting from a regimen that included infrared sauna therapy and bee venom therapy, the latter of which involved subjecting himself to honeybee stings. With these alternative treatments, Ryan has experienced positive developments in his condition, illustrating the potential of non-traditional approaches in the battle against Lyme disease.

The journey of Ryan and Trista, the epitome of #couplegoals and #parentgoals, serves as a testament to the strength of love and resilience in the face of adversity. The Bachelorette community and fans of the franchise continue to rally behind the Sutter family, sharing in their triumphs and supporting them through life’s challenges.

In a world where reality TV romances often falter, the enduring love story of Trista and Ryan demonstrates that true love can withstand the toughest of trials. As Ryan continues to navigate his health journey, the outpouring of support and the positivity surrounding his progress serve as sources of strength for the entire Sutter family and their well-wishers.

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