TikToker’s Home Flooded After Landlord Neglects to Shut Off Pipes During Ice Storm

A Portland home renter took to TikTok to share a horrifying ordeal that her household endured when their landlord’s negligence resulted in extensive damage to the property during an ice storm. The TikToker, who goes by the username Jellabonez (@dudewheresmyvibrator), posted a viral video documenting the aftermath of the burst pipes, which led to a complete flooding of the house.

Jellabonez’s 21-second clip revealed the devastating consequences of the landlord’s failure to turn off the water supply for four days during an ice storm in Portland. The footage displayed the entire home submerged in water, with the ceiling dripping and pools of liquid forming on the floor. The property suffered severe structural damage, leaving debris scattered throughout the house with exposed wooden beams, mirroring a scene from the movie Fight Club.

Losses Incurred and Plea for Help

In a detailed caption accompanying the video, Jellabonez explained how the combination of the ice storm and the landlord’s negligence led to the condemnation and uninhabitability of their beloved mid-century home, a place they had resided in for three years. The freezing temperatures caused by a burst furnace were followed by the bursting of pipes, resulting in a continuous flood for four days before they were able to shut off the water. This catastrophic event led to the loss of personal belongings, furniture, and sentimental items due to water damage, leaving Jellabonez and her roommates facing homelessness.

As a way to cope with their losses, Jellabonez shared a GoFundMe link on her TikTok profile for people to contribute. The funds raised would assist the renters in relocating to new housing, repurchasing furniture, college supplies, pet medicine, and other essential expenses incurred due to the flooding and displacement.

Community’s Support and Advocacy

Jellabonez’s poignant story resonated with many, prompting numerous commenters to offer advice and support. Suggestions ranged from notifying the landlord’s insurance company and consulting a lawyer to filing complaints with the city housing inspector and pursuing legal action against the landlord for the damages incurred.

Responding to comments questioning why she didn’t shut off the water herself, Jellabonez clarified the difficulties she faced, including the landlord preventing residents from accessing the shut-off valves. She also addressed skepticism around her story, sharing a follow-up video displaying the ineffective water shut-off despite her efforts, pointing to potential underlying issues with the property’s water supply system.

It’s clear that Jellabonez’s harrowing experience has sparked a conversation about landlord accountability and tenant rights, shedding light on the challenges renters face in such unfortunate circumstances.

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