The Cast of Jessie: Then and Now

For an entire generation, the adventures of Jessie kept kids entertained on the Disney Channel. Now, the cast has grown up, leaving viewers wondering where they are today.

Christina Moore, who played the mom on the show, Christina Ross, has continued her acting career with projects like Lady Driver and American Fighter. Her latest appearance was in the holiday movie, I Believe in Santa.

Where Are They Now?

Brooks Wentworth, portrayed by Pierson Fodé, transitioned to daytime television after his role on Jessie, appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful and other series. Josie Totah, who played Stuart Wooten, has since come out as transgender and is now producing for Saved by the Bell in addition to playing the lead role in the show. Carolyn Hennesy, who portrayed the villainous Rhoda Chesterfield, has appeared in roles such as General Leia in Star Wars Resistance.

Kevin Chamberlin, known for his role as the butler, Bertram Winkle, has been involved in projects like A Series of Unfortunate Events. Karan Brar, who played Ravi Ross, continued his work on Disney’s spin-off show Bunk’d and moved on to voice acting for other series.

Rising Stars

Skai Jackson, who played Zuri Ross, has become a social media sensation and even ventured into writing a book. Peyton List, known for her role as Emma Ross, found success in Bunk’d as well as in voice acting. Debby Ryan, the show’s lead, continued her acting career with roles in various projects and is now married to Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dunn.

Tragically, Cameron Boyce, who played Luke Ross, passed away at the young age of 20 in 2019. Before his death, he starred in projects like Descendants and worked in philanthropy for Thirst Project. His family created The Cameron Boyce Foundation in his honor, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Remembering the Show

As the cast of Jessie continues to make strides in their careers, fans look back fondly on the show that left a lasting impact on a generation. The adventures of Jessie may be over, but the stars who brought the characters to life continue to shine brightly in their respective careers.

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