Netflix’s ‘American Nightmare’ Chills Viewers to Their Bones

Netflix’s documentary ‘American Nightmare’ has left viewers horrified with its bone-chilling narrative of abduction, sexual assault, and gaslighting. The distressing aspect is not just the abuser’s actions, but also the disbelief faced by the victims from the local police force. The harrowing ordeal began in March 2015 when Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins were abruptly awakened by a masked intruder. While Huskins was taken, Quinn struggled with disbelieving law enforcement.

Following Huskins’ reappearance two days later, the authorities accused the couple of fabricating a hoax, tarnishing their lives. However, they eventually prevailed in a lawsuit against the local police. If ‘American Nightmare’ has deeply affected you, there are more documentaries worth exploring.

Victim/Suspect: Uncovering the Truth

In ‘Victim/Suspect,’ law professor Lisa Avalos sheds light on the frequent disbelief faced by sexual assault victims when they report to the police. She exposes stories where the police not only discredit victims but also press charges against them. The series is available for streaming on Netflix, offering further insight into the struggles of assault survivors.

Abducted in Plain Sight: A Tale of Manipulation

‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ delves into the sinister manipulation by Robert Berchtold, who targeted the Broberg family, kidnapping their daughter Jan not once but twice. The documentary unravels the chilling events that transpired due to Berchtold’s adept manipulation, available for viewing on Netflix.

Thought Crimes: The Disturbing Realities of the Justice System

‘Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop’ delves into a futuristic yet disturbing world of policing where individuals can face arrest for their fantasies. Director Erin Lee Carr examines a justice system seeking victories at the cost of inflicting devastating losses. The documentary can be streamed on MAX, providing a harrowing insight into the justice system’s pitfalls.

The Cheshire Murders: Unthinkable Tragedy

A home invasion in Cheshire, Conn., turned fatal, leaving all but one member of the Petit family brutally murdered. The documentary provides a stark reminder that tragedy can strike even in seemingly safe havens, leading Connecticut to repeal the death penalty in April 2012. It is currently available for streaming on MAX.

Girl in the Picture: Unveiling a Heartbreaking Tale

‘Girl in the Picture’ delves into the gripping story of Suzanne Sevakis, who was discovered as a victim of a kidnapping after a hit-and-run accident. Director Skye Borgman takes a poignant look at being lost and never found, shedding light on the hidden tragedies. The documentary is accessible for viewing on Netflix.

Lost Women of Highway 20: Uncovering a Trail of Disappearances

‘Lost Women of Highway 20’ follows a journalist unraveling a series of disappearances along a single stretch of highway in Oregon. The documentary uncovers a trail of missing women, showcasing the state’s hidden secrets. The riveting documentary is currently available on MAX, offering a glimpse into the investigative journey.

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