After just one season on ‘RHOM,’ Ana Quincoces is back for more drama in Season 6. Here’s what she’s up to now!

Diehard fans of The Real Housewives of Miami were recently thrilled by the return of Ana Quincoces for Season 6, after over a decade away from her former castmates. Ana originally appeared on RHOM in Season 2, and her re-entry into the series has sparked curiosity about what she’s been up to since leaving reality TV behind. Let’s take a look at Ana’s journey since her first stint on the show to her current endeavors.

Life After RHOM

Following her initial season on RHOM, Ana Quincoces decided to step away from the franchise. This decision came after experiencing some personal challenges, including the revelation of her divorce from ex-husband Robert Rodriguez on the show. After leaving RHOM, Ana encountered legal troubles, including an arrest in 2015 for driving with a suspended license. Despite these challenges, she found love again and got engaged to Marco Jimenez in 2013, leading to their subsequent marriage. Currently, Ana resides in Florida, where she manages her successful sauce line, Skinny Latina, and co-hosts a popular podcast called Mami Issues with her daughter, Beba.

Ana’s Return to RHOM

In the midseason trailer for Season 6 of RHOM, viewers got a taste of the drama to come with Ana’s return. She joined the current cast for dinner and engaged in a heated exchange with Marysol. This interaction highlighted the unresolved tensions between Ana and her former friend, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship post-RHOM. Additionally, Ana’s outspoken nature about her former castmates on various platforms, including her podcast and other interviews, has added to the anticipation surrounding her return to the show. With her unapologetic attitude and willingness to stir the pot, fans can expect her to bring a fresh wave of drama to Season 6 of RHOM.

What’s Next for Ana?

As Ana’s resurgence on RHOM continues to captivate audiences, her story serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of the original cast members. With her thriving business ventures and active presence in the podcasting world, Ana has successfully navigated life beyond the reality TV spotlight. Her uncompromising spirit and willingness to confront the past make her return to RHOM all the more intriguing, promising an eventful and dramatic season for both Ana and the show’s loyal fanbase.

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